As required by Federal law, we must verify your age.  We use Veratad, an industry-leading provider of online age verification. They use your name, zip code, and date of birth to verify your age against public information.

Please make sure to enter your information accurately and truthfully. Failure to provide accurate and truthful information will delay your order. If Veratad cannot verify your age using your name, zip code, and date of birth, we will require you to submit a government-issued photo ID before we can process your order.

How it works:

You simply enter your date of birth, name, and address when you checkout.

Veratad runs the check automatically after your order is placed. Most of the time, they can verify your age with no additional steps required. If you don’t hear from us, that means we successfully confirmed your age.

If Veratad is UNABLE to verify you automatically:

You will receive an email from us, which you will need to reply to an attached copy of your government-issued ID, proving your age. (If not received, please check your spam folder, if not there contact us immediately so your order won’t be delayed.)Your order will not be shipped until you submit a valid photo ID.

If you do have to submit your ID, rest assured this is a one-time annoyance. Once you are verified, your account will be marked as verified, and you will never have to do it again.

Verification email never received? See below:

If you’ve checked your spam folder and still do not have the Age Verification email, please email us at and include your order number in the subject line below, followed by “Age Verification.”