How are Some Pod Systems Able to Create Large Clouds?

Anyone who has switched from a sub-ohm setup to a pod mod system knows that there’s a bit of an adjustment period.  After all, the kind of nicotine used with this type of system is brand new, the device is nothing like a box mod, and the vaping experience itself is completely different.

Anyone who once used a sub-ohm setup is familiar with the concept of cloud-chasing.  Sub-ohm systems are designed to allow the user to blow massive, fluffy clouds when they exhale.  With pod mod systems, however, the technology is very different, and for many pod users, those glorious clouds are elusive.

So, the question that every vaper wants to know is whether or not you can, in fact, get large clouds while using a pod-based setup.  As you’ll see, the answer is a bit more complicated than you may think.

A Quick Word on the Differences Between Pod Systems and Box Mods

In order to understand the ways in which pod systems may or may not give you big clouds, you have to first recognize the major differences between these systems and the box mod systems that you’re used to. 

Box mod setups allow for massive clouds for a couple of reasons.  For one thing, these devices operate at high wattages, and higher wattages equals larger clouds because more e-liquid is used to create a single hit of vapor.  Similarly, these devices use sub-ohm coils that allow a lot of e-liquid to vaporize with each hit.  And, these coils are larger, which means that more vape juice can get absorbed into the coil’s wick. 

Pod mods, meanwhile, are low-wattage devices that use high-resistance coils.  This means that they’re more designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, which isn’t known for its strong cloud-chasing potential. 

Can You Get Large Clouds While Using a Pod System?

So, here’s the thing: the original pod systems were unable to give users much cloud-chasing abilities.  That’s because the wattages were very low, the resistance levels of the coils were very high, and the devices just weren’t designed for that style of vaping.

Now, however, more and more companies are developing highly advanced pod systems that do allow you to get some decent cloud production.  We have to point out, however, that due to the limitations of these devices, you’ll never get clouds as large or thick as the ones you’re used to with a sub-ohm setup.

Factors that Determine Whether or Not a Pod Mod Will Give You Large Clouds

Today, there are lots of pod systems on the market that offer different features and utilize different hardware components.  This means that some systems can give you decent clouds.  If you want a pod mod kit that lets you get some nice cloud action, consider these things below.

The Device Itself

First, you have to look at the pod mod itself.  There are countless pod mods out there today, and you must look through what’s available in order to figure out whether or not it can give you the clouds that you want.  If a company doesn’t advertise the mod as a device for cloud-chasers, check the output levels that it can reach.  Higher output levels mean larger, denser clouds.

The Capacity of the Battery

A battery’s capacity must be pretty large in order to give you the ability to blow thick clouds.  That’s because the more capacity a battery has, the more power it can give to the device.  And, again, the more power, the larger and thicker the clouds.

The Size of the Cartridge

In order to blow large clouds, you have to pull in a lot of vapor.  And, a lot of pod cartridges are so small that they don’t allow you to inhale a ton of vapor at once.  So, typically, a pod mod system with cloud-chasing capability will feature a larger pod cartridge.

The Coil

Sub-ohm coils are associated with cloud-chasing because this type of coil allows for more vape juice to turn into vapor when a hit is fired.  With pod systems, the coils vary in resistance level.  Look for a pod system that utilizes sub-ohm coils if you want to enjoy the most satisfying clouds.

Whether or Not It’s Compatible with Freebase Nic Vape Juice

Lastly, consider the e-liquid compatibility factor.  At first, pod mods could only work with e-liquid containing nicotine salts.  Now, however, many established hardware manufacturers are releasing advanced pod systems that can work with both salt nic and freebase nic vape juices.  E-liquids containing salt-based nicotine are less likely to give you stunning clouds because the nicotine concentration weighs down the liquid.  With freebase nic vape juices, however, you’re more likely to get magnificently fluffy vapor.

So, look for a pod system that explicitly states that it can be used with both types of vape juice.  Typically, this type of mod will come with a sub-ohm coil as well as a high-resistance coil.

Quick Tips for Getting Large Clouds with a Pod Mod System

So, what should you do if you want to get large clouds while using a pod mod system? 

  • Well, first, do your homework.  Check out the variety of pod systems that are out there today and keep the factors above in mind while doing so.  This will help you find at least a few pod kits that are more likely to give you the big clouds that you crave.
  • Remember that if you’re a cloud-chaser, you want to look for a high-wattage pod system that can use sub-ohm coils, and that is compatible with freebase nic e-liquid as well as salt nic e-liquid. 
  • And, the higher the battery’s capacity and the larger the pod cartridge, the better.

Pod Systems Are Quickly Taking Over the Vaping Community…

And it’s easy to understand why.  Now that many pod systems give you cloud-chasing abilities, they’re becoming even more popular than ever.  Use this guide to pick out the perfect kit for blowing nicely sized clouds.

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