What Agenda Does the Media Have When Reporting Vaping?

It’s been a long weekend for the vaping industry.  If you’ve been paying attention to the media, you know that flavored vapes are being threatened.  And, it all goes back to a handful of deaths related to a product totally unrelated to the commercial vaping industry, which is illegal, black market THC-infused marijuana oil containing a harmful ingredient that’s not used by any legitimate e-liquid company on the planet.

Now, if you’re like us, you read a lot about vaping.  So, we understand if you’ve spent the entire weekend in a fury of frustration as the media has continuously reported false things about the vaping industry.  Even more infuriating has been watching politicians fall for the false reporting, as New York Governor Cuomo and even President Trump have declared a war on the vaping industry.

That’s why we’ve decided to play a game of “fact or fiction.”  In today’s post-truth media reporting, it’s more important than ever that vaping citizens are equipped with facts in the face of such a media frenzy.  Hopefully, this will alleviate any anxiety you have regarding vaping and your health and serve as ammunition the next time your mother warns you that your vaping hobby has been linked to sudden deaths in recent weeks.

It didn’t take long for Twitter to start pointing out the hypocrisy, illogical thinking and flat out propaganda going on when politicians announced intentions to ban flavored vapes. Let’s just say that there are far too many loopholes in this narrative for vapers to accept such a widespread change in vaping legislation.

Fact: The Media Has an Agenda When Discussing Vaping

This past weekend, after a sixth person died of a mysterious respiratory illness related to vaping, President Trump tweeted his intentions to ban flavored vapes on a federal level. Now, first of all, what constitutes as a “flavored vape” remains unclear. After all, every vape juice contains flavoring, whether it be a candy flavor, a tobacco flavor or a menthol flavor. But most are pretty confident that flavored vapes include everything that isn’t tobacco or menthol.

When we talk about American media, we’re talking about a highly competitive industry that is constantly going above and beyond to get our attention. Therefore, the media has found that selling fear is a great way of staying afloat. We’ve seen this for decades now – positive stories are less likely to get reported than stories that strike fear into our hearts.

So, it’s not surprising that the media is eating up this story about the vaping industry being deadly. It’s also not surprising that they’re largely ignoring the facts about vaping, and not even bothering to mention that the nicotine vaping market has nothing to do with the products that are responsible for these recent respiratory illnesses and deaths. The media has an agenda, and it’s making us afraid, angry and anxious. Remember this the next time you read into a headline that you see on the internet regarding vaping.

Fiction: These Recent Deaths and Illnesses Could Be Caused by the Commercial, Legal Vape Products You’re Using

You probably know this by now if you’re an avid vaper, but we have to make sure that it’s clear to all of our readers: these recent deaths and illnesses have been linked to a vitamin E derivative that has been found in certain marijuana vape oils.  In other words, they have not been linked to commercial e-cig and vaping products.  Therefore, there is no reason to believe that the regulated e-juice you’re vaping is going to cause a sudden respiratory illness that can lead to death.  Now, if you’re vaping black market marijuana oil, you may want to be a bit more careful in the future when it comes to your sources.

Fact: The Tobacco Industry Has a Large Influence Over Politicians

The tobacco industry’s influence cannot be overstated in our country.  We know that since the 1950s, tobacco lobbyists have had a close relationship with our leading politicians.  After all, it’s one of the most profitable industries in America, and they want to keep it that way.

Think about it this way: a handful of deaths have been caused by this vaping product that has hit the market.  So, the government wants to flat out ban flavored vapes.  Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Americans die because of smoking-related illnesses each year.  Why aren’t tobacco products outlawed, exactly?  Why are vape products so much worse than cigarettes, which have been proven to kill people? 

Just to drive the point home further, let’s remember that there are a lot of legal industries that kill people daily.  Guns kill about one hundred Americans each year, and yet gun sales remain legal in our country.  Alcohol claims many deaths annually, and yet liquor stores are not being threatened to be shut down by the government.  Clearly, there’s an agenda here, and it has a lot to do with the fact that vaping is the only real threat to the tobacco industry in history.

Fiction: No One Has Any Idea Where These Deadly Vapes are Coming from

You might not see this getting reported in mainstream media very much, but officials believe that they’ve found the culprit behind these deadly vapes.  As it turns out, two brothers in Wisconsin have been running an illegal marijuana vape oil business, and they’ve been using the vitamin E ingredient that is responsible for the deaths that we’ve been hearing about

Fact: Flavored E-Liquids May Appeal to Teenagers

Only yesterday, investigators announced that they believe they found the culprit.  An operation run out of Wisconsin by two brothers may be solely responsible for the many illnesses reported after vaping a THC oil.  These brothers have been illegally producing marijuana vape oil and selling it to various black-market distributors.

Doesn’t it seem like the government has been waiting for an excuse to punish the vaping industry, considering how quickly they promised to take action against flavored vapes before launching a thorough investigation into these recent deaths?  Yeah, we thought so too.  Well, remember that the FDA has been at war with the vaping industry, especially JUUL, for over two years now.  This has a lot to do with the fact that teenagers are showing an interest in JUUL over other vaping products.

It’s true that flavored e-liquids might appeal to teenagers.  But, is this the vaping industry’s fault, or the fault of other forces that should be regulating the way in which vape products are sold?  Vape products are and always were intended for adults who are looking for an alternative to cigarettes.  Therefore, it’s not really fair to blame the vaping industry for trying to attract minors as customers.

Fact: More Fair FDA Regulation Could Help the Industry

It’s possible that if the FDA would be fairer about vaping, they could create regulation that could actually prevent more deaths from occurring.  The black market exists because of the FDA’s refusal to view vaping as a legitimate industry worthy of fair regulation.  It’s argued that if flavored vapes are completely banned, e-liquid companies will have to sell via the black market, and this could be far more dangerous than e-liquids being sold commercially. 

Fiction: We Don’t Know Anything About the Safety of Vaping

Something that you’ll hear from a lot of authorities is that we don’t know how safe vaping is, which is why we must attempt to stop it from being more successful as an industry than it already is.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  Numerous pro-vaping studies have been released over the years, and many demonstrate the fact that vaping is less harmful than smoking.  These studies are available, and the government is simply ignoring them. 

Fact: Vaping Can Save Lives

Vaping can absolutely save lives, potentially.  Smoking, as we know, can contribute to heart disease, respiratory failure, stroke, diabetes and more.  All of these conditions are notoriously deadly.  Meanwhile, there is no evidence that vaping contributes to any of these conditions, or any other illnesses that are associated with premature death.  So, vaping, in theory, can help people live longer.  This is why banning it is such a dangerous idea.  It will cause many people to revert back to smoking, putting their lives severely at risk once again.

Fiction: The Rest of the World is Just as Concerned About the Growing Popularity of Vaping

Here’s the thing: a lot of other countries don’t understand why we’re so behind in terms of being pro-vaping.  France, England and other countries in Europe fully embrace the industry, and have regulated it in a way that’s safe for consumers and fair to manufacturers and distributors.  These countries have funded studies that have found positive things about vaping, and have even made vaping products highly accessible to citizens who smoke.  So, what’s so different about our country that we can’t get on board?  Well, look at our tobacco industry, and you tell us.

Fiction: Vaping is Marketed Toward Minors

Vaping is not, in fact, marketed toward minors.  Sure, there are a lot of candy flavors on the market, but that’s really just because everyone likes candy, including adults.  Making highly appealing flavors helps adult smokers find a flavor that they like, and that can help them quit cigarettes for good.

Fiction: The President is Definitely Banning Flavored Vapes

Is President Trump banning flavored vapes?  Is he not?  If you know anything about him, you know that he likes to talk a big game on Twitter.  As of now, it seems like he’s changed his tune, stating that vaping products aren’t necessarily all bad. 

Politicians Being at War with the Vaping Industry isn’t Exactly Something New…

But never before has such mass panic swept across the country due to e-cigarette technology.  Also, never has so misinformation been put front and center as false reporting has threatened the industry.  Remember that all that matters are the facts, and the fact is that there is no link between your commercial vaping gear and these recent deaths that have caused hysteria across the country.

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