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Who doesn’t love saving money?  And, who doesn’t love getting a selection of mouthwatering vape juices sent directly to their house?  Well, if you love both of these things, you’re in for a treat.  At eJuice BOGO, you can build your own bundle and enjoy mouthwatering vape juice without breaking the bank.  This exclusive deal lets you grab two large bottles of delectable e-liquid while paying less than full-price for each one.

So, how does the BYOB at eJuice BOGO work?  And, what flavors are available?  We’ll be breaking down all of the ways in which this deal can’t be missed, and then, we’ll walk you through the process of creating your own BYOB so you can start savoring delicious vapes in no time.

Build Your Own Bundle (BYOB) at eJuice BOGO

At eJuice BOGO, we know that our customers often spend a good deal of money each month in order to ensure that their cravings are satisfied.  Let’s be real – vape juice can get expensive.  If you’re going through a few bottles each month, that money really adds up over time.  And, there’s nobody on the planet who doesn’t like saving money whenever possible.

We’re already committed to helping you save money by offering some of the lowest prices around on name-brand e-juices, but we’ve decided to take savings to a whole new level.  Our BYOB lets you grab two large vape juice bottles at one time while paying less than the full price on each.  This means that over a few months, you’ll definitely save a good amount of cash.  This is a great way to shop as it’s convenient, affordable and extremely easy.

Is BYOB Right for Your Vaping Needs?

So, is BYOB right for you?  Let’s help you figure that out by asking you a few questions.

Do You Like Saving Money?

Easily, the best reason to go with our BYOB is because it lets you save money.  Ask yourself how much you spend on e-liquid on a monthly basis.  Then, multiply that number by twelve.  Chances are that you’ll be surprised by just how much of your salary goes to supporting your vaping hobby.

Going with the BYOB option instantly cuts down the cost you spend on vape juice each month.  This means that over the course of a year, you’ll have spent a fraction of what you would have had you gone with full-price individual bottles.

Do You Find Shopping for Vape Juice Tedious?

A lot of us love vaping, but we don’t love the process of stocking up on supplies.  Sure, at eJuice BOGO, we’ve made the ordering process as simple as possible, but that doesn’t mean that customers want to have to order from us on a weekly basis.  After all, that time really does add up.  Well, going with our BYOB option lets you split that time in half because it allows you to grab two big bottles of vape juice at once rather than just one.

It also comes in handy for vapers who find that they go through e-liquid really quickly.  We’re familiar with that moment of panic when the e-liquid supply is running dangerously low and all the stores are closed.  Stocking up on multiple bottles at once reduces the chance of suddenly not having any vape juice left.

Do You Like Switching Between Flavors Throughout the Day?

Another advantage is that you’ll be able to switch between two different flavors at any given time.  If you like variety when you vape, the BYOB option is for you.  It means that you’ll get two different flavors at once, and you can switch one out for the other as soon as your palate is ready for something different.

So Many Extraordinary Flavors and Brands to Choose from

As you look through our BYOB page, you’ll see all of the brands that you know and love.  We offer BYOB deals from beloved, trusted e-juice manufacturers like Keep It 100, PACHAMAMA, Candy King, Jam Monster and more.  Some of our BYOB bundles are restricted to specific brands, while other bundles allow you to choose from a wide range of extremely popular e-liquids that are on the market today, and from companies that you absolutely adore.

For instance, a lot of vapers adore Red’s Apple E-Juice because they crave nothing more than delectable fruit juice.  Well, our Red’s Apple E-Juice BYOB lets you enjoy two of your favorite offerings from this widely celebrated vape juice brand.

We’re proud to offer a massive range of BYOB flavors.  We’ve got everything covered, from fruits to candies, from tobaccos to desserts and more.  This means that we’re certain you’ll be able to grab a BYOB that completely satisfies your taste buds’ needs.

Serious Money-Saving Possibilities

Our BYOB bundles consist of two large bottles of e-liquid, and our most expensive bundle is $22 for two 100ml bottles.  That means that each bottle is only $11, which is pretty amazing in terms of cost.  When you consider the money-saving benefits, it’s hard to turn it down.  In fact, you can spend as little as $5 on a full-size bottle of vape juice when you go with the BYOB option.

Customization Like Nowhere Else

Each BYOB bundle lets you choose more than just the flavors and brands of e-liquids.  You’ll be able to select your preferred nicotine strength, and even choose a different nicotine strength with each bottle.  This means that you can totally customize your vaping experience according to your needs.

How to BYOB at eJuice Bogo

Now that we’ve discussed all of the ways in which the BYOB at eJuice BOGO is too good to pass on, let’s walk you through the process of customizing your BYOB so that you can enjoy exquisite vape juice in no time.  As you’ll see, the entire process is extremely easy and takes under a minute to complete.

Pick a BYOB

First, explore the variety of bundles that we offer on our BYOB page.  You can choose a BYOB that offers e-liquid from one specific brand, or you can choose one that lets you choose from a wide variety of popular vape juice flavors that are on the market today.  The choice is completely yours.  And, keep in mind that we’re always updating our BYOB page, so check back periodically to see what new and exciting deals we have to offer.

Select Your Flavors

Now, it’s time to pick your flavors, and this is where it gets fun.  You can choose two flavors, so choose wisely.  Keep in mind that you can also double up on one flavor if you’re devoted to a very specific vape juice that’s on the market.  It’s absolutely up to you. 

Do this by finding the dropdown menu list on the BYOB page.  Use this list to select which flavor you’d like.  Then, next to the menu, select the quantity of bottles that you’d like.  Keep in mind that you cannot exceed two bottles of e-liquid.

Choose Your Preferred Nicotine Strength

Next, choose the nicotine strength that you prefer.  Our BYOB bundles let you choose from the full variety of nicotine strengths that each e-liquid is available in.

Select Your Bottle Size

Now, use the dropdown menu to choose the bottle size.  Note that each e-liquid comes in only one bottle size.

Mix and Match

Remember that BYOB bundles are all about mixing and matching.  No one says that you have to choose the same bundle each time.  If you’re a vape juice enthusiast, consider changing your bundle with each order so that you can sample a wide variety of flavors without breaking the bank.

Enjoy Delicious E-Liquid While Saving Money

Now, you can place your order and wait for your eJuice BOGO order to arrive in the mail.  Once it does, you can treat yourself to tantalizing vape juice flavors while knowing that you saved a nice amount of cash that you can now spend on something else.

The More BYOB the Better

Also, if you really like stocking up on vape juice all at once so that you’re good for several months, you can buy multiple BYOB bundles at the same time.  After all, our catalog is so extensive that we’re certain you’ll be able to find a massive selection of options that intrigue you.  The more bundles you buy at any given time, the more saving you’ll be able to enjoy for a long time to come.  And, just imagine how happy your wallet will be when you receive an enormous box of vape juice that didn’t require that you pay full-price for each bottle.  Does it get any better than that?

BYOB is Where It’s At!

eJuice BOGO lets you enjoy lots of tasty vapor without spending an arm and a leg.  If you want to save money and simplify your e-juice shopping experience, the BYOB is undoubtedly the way to go.  Just select the two flavors that you want and enjoy the beautiful savings.

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