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At eJuice Bogo, we have your summertime vaping needs covered.  Whether this time of year makes you crave tempting candies, cold beverages, seasonal fruits or icy menthol that cools you down on impact, we have it all.  Now that the season has finally begun, we’ve created a list of the top ten e-liquid flavors for summertime vaping that we have to offer.  Each of them helps you celebrate the season in style thanks to its unique flavor profile that tastes like summer in a bottle.

Summertime E-Liquid #10: Air Factory Salts – Berry Rush

There’s nothing like a freshly made piece of taffy candy that instantly makes us think of days spent on the boardwalk.  Everyone knows that Air Factory Salts makes the most tempting taffies on the planet, which is why Berry Rush made our list.

On the inhale, you’ll enjoy the bright, tangy and slightly tart juices of freshly picked raspberries, blueberries and strawberries.  The flavor becomes sweeter and sweeter as that distinctive candy taste slowly makes its presence known.  Then, when you exhale, nothing but glorious sugar takes over.

Summertime E-Liquid #9: Juice Head – Watermelon Lime

Watermelon Lime from Juice Head is an astonishingly satisfying e-liquid that truly quenches the thirst on hot summer days.  This vape juice takes the two most beloved seasonal fruits and blends them together for an e-liquid that will keep you feeling nice and refreshed all summer long.

The inhale gives you that bright, zesty lime taste that makes you feel like you’re enjoying a sunny, tropical climate.  The mouth puckers slightly as the taste buds begin to salivate.  When you exhale, watermelon juice floods the palate with its crisp, cool and deeply rejuvenating flavor that has just the right amount of sweetness.

Summertime E-Liquid #8: Basix by Glas Vape Juice – Fizzy Lemonade

Looking for a satisfying summertime beverage?  Look no further than Fizzy Lemonade, a take on a classic that delivers a serious twist.  This e-liquid turns iconic lemonade into a fizzy beverage that’s infused with the fresh juices of sweet cherries and tropical pineapples.

With each inhale, the sharp pineapple taste collides with your tongue.  Then, fresh cherry juice satisfies your sweet tooth.  The bubbles start to tickle your taste buds while the zesty lemon takes over.  Then, when you exhale, you enjoy a nice sugar rush.

Summertime E-Liquid #7: Circus eLiquid – Circus Cotton Candy

If your summertime plans typically involve checking out the circus, you’ll love Circus Cotton Candy.  Each puff lets you enjoy that delectable treat without any of the sugar.  And, it’s got a unique spin that’s certain to please.

As you inhale, the shockingly sour taste of blue raspberry syrup slams into your taste buds.  Finally, the tart notes dissipate, allowing that sweet spun sugar taste to come through and leave you feeling euphoric.

Summertime E-Liquid #6: Aqua Vape Juice – Pure

Pure from Aqua combines three seasonal fruits in order to truly refresh the mind, body and soul.  Fresh apples, juicy watermelons and plump strawberries join forces to soothe every taste bud and make you feel giddy with excitement.

On the inhale, you’ll enjoy the crisp apple taste that tickles every taste bud.  The sweetness of the juice overwhelms your palate with pleasure.  Then, tangy, bright strawberries emerge, balancing out the sweetness.  When it’s finally time to exhale, smooth melon leaves you feeling completely revitalized.

Summertime E-Liquid #5: Candy King – Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum is a sweet and sticky treat that will bring back memories thanks to its flavor profile that’s reminiscent of the confections for which we’re most nostalgic.  Two of our favorite summery fruits collide and infuse themselves into the stickiest bubblegum on the planet.

When you draw in some vapor, bright strawberry flavor instantly soaks your tongue.  Then, a rush of watermelon juice refreshes you like crazy.  On the exhale, that familiar bubblegum taste arrives in all of its sugary glory.

Summertime E-Liquid #4: Keep It 100 Vape Juice – Blue Slushie

Slushy drinks are synonymous with summer, which is why we’re so excited about Blue Slushie.  This e-liquid tastes exactly like that iconic beverage, complete with sweet and sour blue raspberry syrup for a mouth-puckering experience.

That intense tartness overwhelms you with joy on the inhale.  Then, that natural berry taste finally comes through.  When you exhale, sugary notes dominate, sending shivers of pleasure through your sweet tooth.

Summertime E-Liquid #3: Lemon Twist E-Liquid – Pink Punch Lemonade

Lemonade flavors always hit the spot during the summertime, but Pink Punch Lemonade is on a whole new level.  This tasty beverage flavor combines everyone’s favorite citrus drink with refreshing berry punch for a magnificent experience.

The inhale gives you the tart, bright berries that taste like they’re fresh from the orchard.  Then, the sharp lemon flavor satisfies your citrus cravings.  When you let out that vapor, sweetness hits the spot.

Summertime E-Liquid #2: Pachamama Vape Juice – The Mint Leaf

Pachamama’s The Mint Leaf is a fruity spectacle that’s mellowed out by the perfect amount of fresh mint leaves.  In other words, this e-liquid will refresh you and quench your thirst all summer long.  Trust us – you’ve never had a fruity e-liquid like this one before.

When you take a pull, crisp honeydew enchants your senses while bright berries do their thing.  You’ll feel unbelievably rejuvenated as tropical kiwi squirts its juice all over that thirsty tongue of yours.  Then, when you exhale, a nice minty breeze wafts through the mouth and cools you down.

Summertime E-Liquid #1: Naked 100 Vape Juice – Lava Flow

Lava Flow is a legendary e-liquid known for capturing the flavors of tropical islands.  If you want to feel like you’ve escaped to paradise this summer season, this is the vape juice to grab.

The inhale provides you with the fresh juices of plump, ripe strawberries.  Then, exhilarating pineapple juice soaks into your palate.  On the exhale, creamy coconut milk makes you feel like you’re lounging on a gorgeous beach at sunset.

Stay Satisfied All Summer Long with These Tantalizing E-Liquid Flavors from eJuice Bogo!

Now that summer is finally here, we can treat ourselves to the magical tastes of the season while we vape.  If you want to make the most of your summertime vaping sessions, try out all ten.  Enjoy your summer!

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    This is a great Idea and wish I had seen the Summertime List would have like to try a couple of the flavors. Since we are into winter, any tips?

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