Your Vaping Senses at Work

Vaping, as we know, is a high-sensory experience, which is why we enjoy it so much.  Most of us spend a good amount of money on e-liquids that satisfy our taste buds, and we observe with pride the thick, luscious clouds that escape through our lips after taking a nice, big hit off of our vaping devices. 

In fact, all five senses are stimulated when we vape.  Whether we’re conscious of it or not, our senses of sight, smell, touch, sound and taste all have their unique experiences whenever we put our mods to our lips and inhale. 

Understanding how each of the senses is affected by vaping won’t just enhance our ability to appreciate our hobby, but it will also help us finetune our experience.  The next time you vape, make sure to pay attention to all five senses in order to get the most out of each hit while observing aspects of your vapes that you might want to change for a more satisfying experience overall.


We use our sense of sight in many ways when we vape.  In fact, our eyes are the first thing that we use in terms of our vaping lifestyle.  We use our sense of vision to choose the vaping device that’s most aesthetically appealing to us, and we rely on our eyes to set up our vaping systems, pour in e-liquid and troubleshoot when something goes wrong.

Vaping is, in fact, a highly visual experience.  That’s why hardware brands compete by producing the most visually stunning mod systems possible, and why e-liquid companies put so much work into creating eye-catching packaging.  Just like we eat with our eyes first, we do the same when it comes to vaping.

Our sense of vision is most stimulated when we blow clouds.  We use our eyes to judge the size and thickness of our clouds, and many of us take great pride in the beautiful billows of vapor that we see flowing from our mouths.

We also rely on our eyes when something goes wrong.  We need to constantly check our e-juice levels, our battery power and other crucial things in order to make sure that our vapes continue to satisfy us.


We may not think that we use our sense of smell a whole lot when we vape, but that actually couldn’t be farther from the truth.  It turns out that when we vape an e-liquid flavor, our sense of smell is more activated than our sense of taste.  If you don’t believe us, just try holding your nose the next time you take a puff and tell us how much you can taste your vape juice’s unique flavor profile.

Our sense of smell can also tell us when something is wrong.  If an e-juice has a burnt odor when we fire a hit, we know that we need to adjust our settings.  If a vape juice smells a bit off in its bottle, we know that it might be time to throw it out.  And, in rare cases, an off-putting smell can indicate that our battery is leaking inside of our device, and thanks to our nose, we were able to detect the issue before it became dangerous.


Vaping is a tactile experience, which is why hardware brands take a lot of time to create ergonomically designed devices that feel very comfortable in the hand.  Today’s vaping devices come in a wide range of materials and finishes, with each one producing a different sensation when we grasp it to take a hit.

Our sense of touch is also triggered when we put that mouthpiece to our lips.  There are many different mouthpiece materials out there, and that’s because each one provides a different sensation when we take a pull.

Our sense of touch is also very important as it can inform us when there’s a problem with our setup.  For instance, if our device is extremely hot to the touch, we know that something is very wrong.  And, if we feel e-juice all over our hands when we pick up our mod or pod system, we know that there’s a leak that must be fixed right away.


We use our sense of hearing a lot more than we think when we vape.  We all know that when we press that firing button, we should hear a very smooth and even whirling noise.  However, if we hear gurgles or nothing at all, we know that something isn’t working and that our device needs our attention.


Lastly, our sense of taste has a lot to do with how much we enjoy our vapes.  After all, there’s a reason why there’s literally thousands of vape juice flavors out there.  We spend a lot of time picking out the right vape juices for our palates so that we can have a phenomenal taste experience whenever we hit that mod.

Thanks to our sense of taste, we can enjoy flavors like fresh fruit, rich tobacco and creamy custard by simply taking a pull off of a vaping device.  The flavor experience that we get from vaping can even help us avoid indulging in sweets because the e-liquid flavors that we buy are so satisfying that they keep our sweet tooth’s desires at bay.

And, of course, that sense of taste is good indicator that something is off.  If an e-liquid tastes burnt, stale or just generally strange, we know that we need to do some investigating.  An off-putting taste can mean that a vape juice has over-oxidized or that our coil isn’t working correctly.

Use Your Five Senses to Observe and Adjust Your Vaping Experience

Vaping is a full sensory experience and paying closer attention to each sense during a vape session will give you better insight into what’s satisfying you and what’s not.  Between your sense of sight, smell, touch, sound and taste, you can zero in on your sweet spot like never before while making certain changes for a more efficient and pleasing setup. 

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